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Suspension servicing Ballarat

For maintenance and repair of your 4WD, motorbike or car suspension Ballarat, book it in to us at Mr Brakes – Bosch Car Service Centre. The suspension is a vital part of your car components that directly affect your ability to drive. If your suspension is not up to Australian standards, your car could be unsafe to drive on the road. There are many signs that your car’s suspension is not up to Australian standards:

  • Your car sways uncontrollably
  • There is vibration through the pedal and steering wheel
  • Your car bounces whenever you go over bumps in the road
  • There are ‘clunking’ or ‘squeaking’ noises
  • Your car dips forward when you brake
  • Your car is hard to handle around corners
  • Excessive or uneven tire wear

If you’ve noticed any of these problems with your suspension, give us a call at Mr Brakes – Bosch Car Service Centre Ballarat. When your suspension is unsafe, your wheels will leave the road meaning you are unable to control the car and avoid possible accidents. 

Call us on (03) 5339 3118 or contact us and get your car suspension checked out today – it may save your life. We can also help you with 4WD parts and exhaust servicing Ballarat.